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Security Guidelines

Security Guidelines

Security Guidelines

In collaboration with the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), mediaTest digital creates guidelines to ensure data security and data protection standards for mobile applications. "Enterprise guidelines" regulate the security-compliant use of mobile applications in companies. "Application guidelines" serve as a guide for app developers.


  • Guidelines for a secure app development process
  • Guaranteeing data security and data protection standards
  • For beginners and advanced developers
  • Principles for tendering for app projects
  • List of links to further information
  • Summary in the form of a checklist
  • Glossary


  • For enterprises
  • Support in the management of app portfolios
  • Guidelines for companies for security-compliant use of apps
  • Protection against loss of sensitive company data
  • Suitable for all sizes of company
  • Integration of secure app portfolios into MDM systems
  • List of links to further information
  • Summary in the form of a checklist
  • Glossary


Who are the security guidelines aimed at?

The security guidelines are aimed at both app developers (data protection and data security compliant app development using application security guidelines), and companies that want to safeguard and complement their compliance and policies in the area of enterprise mobility (enterprise mobility guidelines).

Where can I get the guidelines?

As a new customer you will receive by post the relevant guidelines and login data for the ASC, through which you can manage and download the guidelines. In the event of additions or amendments to your guidelines, you can download and manage both new and old guidelines from the guideline history. In addition, you will get an external web view of the guidelines for your employees.

How comprehensive are the guidelines?

The scope of application security guidelines can vary greatly in comparison with enterprise mobility guidelines. We identify the optimum composition of security guidelines for your company from an extensive pool of text modules for various challenges in the areas of development and enterprise mobility. Here, different levels come into effect:

Level 1:
Various areas of app development and enterprise mobility are explained with the respective pitfalls in mind.

Level 2:
Explanation of the technical vocabulary.

Level 3:
Further information with online links.

Level 4:
One-page summary as a check list

What is the purpose of the checklists?

The checklists give developers a practical tool for optimum work structuring. In summary, the checklists enable the relevant aspects to be checked in order to prevent security loopholes and breaches.

In what way does the list of links to further information help me?

As an additional online resource, the glossary entries attached represent a further source of information to clarify any remaining questions.

How can I use the guidelines?

The guidelines were developed by us as aids for analysis technology and are intended to help design your own applications more securely from the outset.

I have questions about the security guidelines, now what?

Primarily, we provide support via e-mail and call back. In addition, workshops and training can be arranged on request.

Are the guidelines updated?

The guidelines are revised quarterly in view of new developments and insights. New BSI guidelines and legal regulations in the BDSG are also incorporated. You may request changes or additions at any time through the ASC with the help of our request manager.

Do all items in the security guidelines have to be fulfilled in order to guarantee security?

The individual guidelines have different degrees of impact and implications. However, it is recommended that all of the items stated are fulfilled in order to guarantee the highest possible degree of security.


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