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APPVISORY® is the intuitive tool that protects the company smartphones and tablets of small and medium-sized businesses. Europe's leading mobile application management software is the first solution to bridge the gap between German data protection and data security standards and effective sensitisation of and acceptance by your staff.

The APPVISORY® app provides assistance during daily business and has been deliberately adapted to private app store usage behaviour. In this way, APPVISORY® establishes a productive, secure work environment.

APPVISORY® Small Business Kit

The solution for small and medium-sized businesses

  • APPVISORY® app client for the protection of company devices
  • Automatic inspection of installed apps
  • Comprehensive portfolio of secure apps on the basis of individual or pre-configured security policies
  • Risk assessment of all apps by means of the fully automated scan technology APPVISORY® NUCLEUS Engine®
  • Push notifications to your employees
  • Automatic check of all app updates
  • Can be used without mobile device management (MDM)

APPVISORY® Enterprise Edition

The solution for large enterprises and corporations

  • Automatic checking of the apps used in the enterprise
  • Broad pre-selection of recommended apps
  • Connection to all leading MDM systems
  • APPVISORY® app client as information medium & sensitisation tool
  • Granular security configuration for adjustment to the corporate policies
  • Extensive file exports (CSV, PDF, JSON, etc.)
  • Available as cloud service or on-premise

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Modern technology

The analysis technology: APPVISORY® NUCLEUS Engine®

The APPVISORY® NUCLEUS Engine® delivers comprehensive, fully automated risk analyses for all public and company-internal apps of the leading mobile operating systems.

The combination of SAST (Static Application Security Testing) and DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing) forms the basis for the state-of-the-art engine. These technologies are supplemented with innovative approaches for the smart detection of patterns and the integration of functions such as virus and malware detection.

  • Unlimited number of apps in their current versions
  • Automatic check of all updates
  • Real-time process for additional app queries
  • Extensive list of checking criteria with more than 70 criteria per check
    • Third-party libraries, including tracking, analytics, advertising, etc.
    • Server connections
    • Data access
  • Detailed security configuration
  • Checking of apps with infrastructure connection and foreign-language apps
  • App scan memo as inspection report
NUCLEUS® Expert Analysis
  • Semi-automated check by experienced App Security Analysts
  • Extended plausibility checks including destination server, necessity of data transfers, anonymisation/pseudonymisation according to the German Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG), inclusion of third-party providers, general recommendation for use in enterprises, etc.
  • Check of all significant updates that make major changes to the app code
  • Additional verification of the inspection results by an App Security Supervisor
  • Supported mobile operating systems: iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry OS 10
  • Under development: Windows 10 (Mobile, Desktop)
  • Comprehensive expert analysis report

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